Things to Do in Anaheim with Kids- Enjoy a Gala Time

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We love to travel across the world. Many beautiful places are in our dreams. Anaheim is also such an amazing place that catches the attention of every enthusiastic traveler. Hitting this place with your family is a dream come true. This is an amazing place that offers a treasure trove of kid-friendly activities and attractions. Are you ready to explore the wonders with your kids? Let’s club some important things to do in Anaheim with kids that you will love to explore.

Things to Do in Anaheim with Kids- 7 Amazing Places to Explore 

Anaheim, founded in 1857, by German families has a lot of natural bounties and wonders to explore with the families. Exclusively, when you are exploring the highest populated city of Orange County, your munchkin’s excitement crosses every limit. This city’s name is a beautiful blend of Ana and Heim. Heim indicates home and Ana signifies Santa Ana River. Let’s get started with the wonders for the little kids.

1) Disneyland Park

disneyland park anaheim


Disneyland Park is the most magical place in the world that will keep the kids enhanced and tickled pink. Visiting Disneyland Park with the kids is like a blessing for travelers. This magical kingdom with eight enchanted places will leave your kids awestruck and happy. They can pop up in excitement clicking pictures with their favorite cartoon characters. Also, the little ones have a lot of variety of cuisine to fill their tummy with palatable recipes, and lip-smacking cuisine. Kids will get lost in the magic of this adventure park.

Suitable for all ages, Disneyland Park offers a variety of activities to do. We bet that you will have all the fun when you come to Walt Disney’s Disneyland Park.

  • Opening Hours: 8 a.m to Midnight ( opens daily)
  • Price: $ 255 per adult and $ 240 per child. There are no tickets for the kids under 3.

2) Anaheim Garden Walk

Anaheim Garden Walk

Outdoor entertainment keeps the kids lively and entertained, and in such a scenario, what can be more entertaining than choosing Anaheim Garden Walk? It is a perfect entertainment, shopping, and dining center that keeps the little kids hooked to the family. It features a variety of retail shops and stores. For kids and families, this amazing place offers a plethora of lively concerts, events, and other activities that keep them hooked to this place.

Anaheim Garden Walk is indeed a family-friendly destination where the kids can burn off their energy by taking a break from the shopping and entertainment. Different cultural events and calendars can keep the entire family embraces a lively and happy spirit. A must-visit destination for the entire family along with kids. 

  • Opening hours of restaurants: Varies
  • Price of Parking: First hour free, and then $ 3 per hour.

3) California Adventure Park

things to do in anaheim with kids

One of the most amazing things to do in Anaheim with your kids is to visit California Adventure Park. This lively place will bring forth a lot of fun for the entire family. Once you land at this adventure park, you will fill your fun bucket with loads of memories. Just at a distance of a hundred kilometers away from California, this adventure park has a lot of crazy elements for the visitors.

This park offers a unique and immersive experience that celebrates the diverse culture and landscapes of California. The journey of Adventure Park begins with Buena Vista Street inspired by the Los Angeles of Walt Disney’s time. Here, you can explore many charming shops, and eateries, and enjoy a nostalgic atmosphere with your kids. Toddlers exclusively love car land.

  • Opening Hours: 8 a.m to 10 p.m opens daily
  • Price: $255 per adult, and $ 240 per adult.

4) Great Wolf Lodge

things to do in anaheim with kids

Great Wolf Lodge is a perfect attraction for the kids in Anaheim. Therefore, families who very often plan the tour to Anaheim love to visit the Great Wolf Lodge. It is the best place where kids can have all the fun and enjoyment. Located in Garden Grove, this wonderful lodge is a key attraction for families as it has an amusing water park with other attractions such as dining, and fun interactions.

Once you enter this lodge, it will fill your inner self by providing amazing attractions such as Fort Mackenzie, Slap Tail Pond, River Canyon Runs, Alberta Falls, Wolf Tails, Totem Towers, and much more. This Lodge helps you all with many amazing attractions and it can make you feel crazy and excited. On viewing its different treats and temptations, Great Wolf Lodge is one of the best things to do in Anaheim with kids. Explore the wonders of life as you land in Anaheim.

It is a great fun place where kids can enjoy mini golf, Arcade games, bowling alley. The best thing is if your kids want to enjoy the water treats in the water park, you need not stay at the lodge, instead, you can purchase a day’s pass.

  • Opening Hours: 9 a.m to 8 p.m Daily
  • Price: Price begins at $ 55 per person and varies in different seasons such as peak season, and off-season.

5)  Knotts Berry Farm

anaheim knott's berry farm

Another major attraction for the lovely kids is Knotty Berry Farm which counts as a wonderful fun-filled destination. The families can enjoy with their munchkins and the toddlers will also find relief in this Berry Farm. It is a great theme park spread across 160 acres. This theme park has four theme areas including Ghost Town, Fiesta Village, The Board Walk, and Camp Snoopy.

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Little munchkins can perform varied activities at this amazing place such as screaming, enjoying ghost rides, and having a crazy hangout time with their families. Soaked in fun and entertainment, Knotts Berry Farm is the ultimate place to visit for the little ones. In the upcoming festive season and holiday time, you can plan a trip with your tiny tots to Aneheim.

  • Opening Hours: You will have to consult the website of the knotty berry farm for the best results.
  • Price: Prices of the tickets fluctuate as per the day you buy the ticket. However, it can go up to a maximum of $ 99 if you buy it at the gate, or else, $ 75 if you buy it online.

6) Discovery Cube

Discovery Cube

Discovery Cube is another wonderful place for families with kids. Your toddlers will have loads of fun here as this place will impart science education with practical challenges, fun, and delight. Here the kids will find varied exhibits that will make them feel awesome. For example, they will learn solar system encounters, rocket launchers, mars rover test courses, and much more. Landing at the discovery cube will equip your kids with all the fun and learning. This is a must-visit place in Anaheim if you want your toddlers to nurture themselves with all the fun and love.

  • Opening Hours: 10 a.m to 5 p.m everyday
  • Price: $19.95 for adults, and $ 14..95 for children.

7) Orange Country Zoo

Orange Country Zoo

Visiting a Zoo is always an adventurous experience, and if you want to drown yourself in the fascination and adventure of Orange Country Zoo, no one will stop you. But you must come here at this place with your munchkins as they will make the most out of this place. Once you land at the Orange Country Zoo, you will get to see a lot of animals in their natural habitat. Some of the examples are black bears, coyotes, mountain beers, and many more.

The list does not end here as you have the opportunity to see domestic goats, ships, chickens, and sheep. It will make you feel immersive and captivated once you come here with the entire family.

  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10 a.m to 3.30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m to 4.30 p.m
  • Price: $ 2 per person. Under the age of 2 are free.


With these iconic things to do in Anaheim with kids, you will love to immerse yourself in the entertaining wonderland. Your excitement will go beyond any limits, and your kids will enjoy it like they have done it never before. If you can spare time and afford a hefty world tour, you must plan to come to Anaheim with your lovely kiddos. Here you will enjoy every bit of charm, and sootheness. This place is calling you to build a plethora of fresh memories.