Things to do in Cincinnati with Kids: Top Fun Destinations to Visit

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Things to do in Cincinnati with Kids

Wandering with the kids is great fun for us. There are many wonderful spots in the world to wander. But when we pick Cincinnati, a city in and the seat of Hamilton country, Ohio, U.S., our excitement knows no limit. Some places are not among the major tourist attractions in your backpack list, but these offbeat destinations have a lot to cover. In 2023, if you plan to visit Cincinnati with kids, scroll down to this post for the top 7 things to do in Cincinnati with kids.

Stay ready with us to build some special memories and share amazing things with others.  Let’s begin the adventure! 

Things to do in Cincinnati with Kids- 7 Places

Things to do in Cincinnati with Kids


Cincinnati City, located at the Northern side of the confluence of the licking, and Ohio rivers is a wonder place to roam around. With its enriched history and heritage, this city has earned the moniker of the “ Queen City.” Kudos, to the merits of the place, it has been recognized at the 88th spot in the top 100 liveable index throughout the world. Let’s begin with the top 10 destinations to visit in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.

1) Visit the Famous Parks in Cincinnati

Parks are the best places for entertainment where the kids enjoy a lot. Cincinnati parks are amazing and they have something to offer for the whole family. Therefore, nothing beats the excitement of visiting these charming places. If you are planning a leisurely day, don’t forget to visit the park. Nestled between East Walnut Hills, and Mt. Addams, this park is full of gardens, green space, gazebos, and more.

It not only entertains kids but also can be a fascinating picnic spot for the entire family. Experiencing diverse activities like a basketball court, hiking trails, pristine Bettman fountain, season good pavilion, and Krohn conservatory are some attractions in this park.

2) Kings Islands

Kings Islands is another major attraction that can provide amazing fun to the kids. This world-famous amusement park is a wonderful attraction for both roller coaster enthusiasts and kids. This world-famous spot is on the hit list of families who plan to come to Cincinnati with their kids. 

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 Amidst the exciting and entertaining wave pools, and rushing rivers, you can enjoy some rays at the Soak City Water Park. This amazing adventure is bliss for families and friends.

Things to do in Cincinnati with kids


3) Duke Energy Children’s Museum

Duke Energy Children’s Museum is one of the amazing destinations that can make us and our kids feel great. This museum is a part and parcel of the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal. It is an interactive museum allowing the kids to play and explore to learn about nature. It was first opened to the public in 1998, and since then, it has been ranked amongst the world’s top 10 children’s museums.

This museum offers a variety of interactive exhibits and activities that have an outstanding educational value for us. These exhibits aim to engage all the children so that they can have all the fun and frolic. It also has a child-sized town that has several shops and a veterinary clinic. This wonderful museum has many equipment like rope bridges climbing walls, and an interactive machine with pedal-operated parts.

4) Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Visiting a Zoo can give refreshing moments to the kids as well as to the families. This Zoo is renowned for preserving endangered species. Kids can get a chance to look and be very close to some animals. It has many sightseeing attractions that keep our little kids hooked to the various attractions of the Zoo. Cincinnati Zoo is home to more than 500 animals, and 3000 plant species.

Apart from all the fun activities at the Zoo, it has many amazing dining and winning options for you all. If visiting Cincinnati Zoo is on your hit list, you must not visit this amazing attraction.

5) Findley Market

Findlay market


The next important thing to do in Cincinnati with Kids is to visit the Finley market. If your kids have a taste for lip-smacking food, you can’t miss shopping and dining at the Finley market. This market was founded way back in 1852, and since then this local market has been a famous attraction for many wonders. The visitors that come along with their kids to the world-famous Findley market can grab fresh produce, regional meat, cheeses, and some other famous attractions in this market.

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This market has so many amazing attractions including a variety of cooking ingredients, gifts, and ready-to-eat delicacies. It has everything to offer if you want to propel the rest of the exploration with energy, you can enjoy amazing cuisine here. Otherwise, if you want to take a unique gift back to your home, you must come to the Finley market to grab everything.

6) Newport Aquarium

Acquiring Newport Aquarium is one of the best blessings if you are exploring Cincinnati with the kids. This is an amazing place where you and your kids can drown in the underwater world. In this aquarium, you will find a variety of creatures like sharks, jellyfish, colorful fish, coral reefs, and a lot more. Visiting this acquarium will give an amazing experience to the lovely kids and make them feel so much amazing. It is one of the best things to do in Cincinnati with kids.

7) Don’t miss Washington Park

If you just love to explore amazing sites with your kids, you can’t resist the temptation of visiting Washington Park. Visiting this park and exploring it is one of the top things to do in Cincinnati. The beloved greenery of this park will woo your heart. You can come to this place, and soak in the greenery of this beloved space. What is more interesting to know is that this amazing park has a lot of activities that kids can enjoy. This park has many attractions ranging from the dog park, playground, bar, waterpark, and regular and seasonal pop-up activities.


We hope that you have bookmarked these precious places to visit and the top things to do in Cincinnati with Kids. With these amazing places in Cincinnati, enjoying with your kids is a cakewalk. You will experience a majestic aura all around and will love to immerse in the blessings of nature.

 This wonderful place has something for every age group. For example, the adults can take out little kids in them whenever they visit natural parks and amazing destinations. Apart from this, visiting several attractions like Kings Islands, Newport Acquarium, and Cincinnati Zoo will open some new avenues of attraction for the munchkins.