Youtube tv price increase – you should know

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YouTube TV is a popular service, mostly in the United States. Among the most recent news, we point out the addition of prices and new channels. Who knows if the treatment we will have all over the world will be the same. YouTube uses Valentine’s Day as an opportune time to make a series of announcements related to its live and on-demand TV service, YouTube TV. The first announcement is about adding new channels, including access to Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, CNN, TBS, TNT, truTV, and Turner Classic Movies (TCM). Youu will be clear about youtube tv price increase soon.

Additionally, NBA League Pass and MLB.TV. From this content, you will able to know about the youtube tv price increase matter. Without further information, let’s get started.

Getting know: Is youtube tv price increase or rumor?

New additions are not associated with corresponding additional costs. YouTube confirms the only package available at a fixed price per month. Besides, the costing is only applicable to customers and those who sign up for the service in the coming weeks.


As with the expansion of the channel, YouTube announced that starting March 13, the essential package cost will increase by 5 euros per month. 

New prices and new channels coming to YouTube TV for the moment in the US.

In addition to expanding the range of channels, YouTube also announced greater availability of YouTube TV in the US overall. It is a service that is still technically in beta. In fact, the service has yet to arrive at several locations across the United States. However, today’s announcement appears to confirm that YouTube TV will become available for products. Such as Dayton, Honolulu, Lexington, Mobile, Richmond, and Syracuse in the coming weeks. 

That would mean YouTube TV will be available “to over 85% of US households” from now on. In addition to access to more than 50 networks, YouTube TV also offers cloud DVR (unlimited) and the option to share a single subscription with up to six people. Finally, like most TV services live in a new age, use a monthly subscription without any commitment.

The most important part we have to know-  youtube tv price increase

YouTube TV, the live streaming television subscription service of Google’s video platform, has added new channels to its lineup, including TNT, Adult Swim, TBS, CNN, Cartoon Network, truTV, and Turner Classic Movies. Additionally, subscribers will soon have access to NBA TV and MLB Network as well. 

Rising prices, However, the unreleased channels are also followed by an increase in the subscription price: YouTube TV will cost $ 40 a month for all those who subscribe after March 13. Currently, subscribers pay $ 35 per month. Benefits of the service include unlimited storage for recordings and the ability to use the subscription with six different accounts at the same time. Only in the United States The service now offers more than 50 channels, including NBC, ABC, ESPN, CBS, BBC America, National Geographic, and Disney Channel. Still, it could increase as YouTube TV has not yet signed deals with Viacom and Scripps. 

What’s important?

Currently, the platform is not available outside the US, therefore, not even in Italy. Moreover, the service is not even present in all the United States. The company said it would expand coverage in the top 100 US markets in the coming weeks. When it launched last April, it was only available in five markets, and in December, it had expanded to more than 80 units.

The rising cost of YouTube TV content

It isn’t the first time subscribers have seen an increase in YouTube TV’s subscription rate. The $ 15 jump from $ 50 to $ 64.99 per month is the latest increase after a boost from its initial launch rate of $ 35 to $ 50 per month. Since its original launch, the quality has gone up to $ 40 per month after Turner Network’s channels were added to the platform. 

The most significant price jump is the latest after the addition of the ViacomCBS channels. However, it also states that the revised subscription rate reflects the rising cost of content. It also believes it reflects the overall value of the platform.

Another thing on youtube tv price increase

Besides the ViacomCBS channels, some additional premium channels, including HBO Max and Cinemax, are coming to YouTube TV. As such, the platform now focusing more on its feature set than just attracting customers through a priced game. YouTube TV is the only streaming platform that incorporates a DVR with unlimited storage. On top. It allows for six viewing accounts per family. Each store has its specific content recommendations and three simultaneous streams.

What are the other platforms doing?

Compared to most other streaming platforms, YouTube TV looks far ahead on the chart. Its channel collection and DVR storage set it apart from the rest. Thus, YouTube TV is justifiable to be more expensive than other platforms.

Here’s a quick review of the rates of the three most popular streaming platforms after YouTube TV:

  • Hulu Live TV: $ 54.99
  • AT&T TV: Starts at $ 55 per month
  • Sling TV: $ 45 per month

There may be some concerns that YouTube TV’s cost is approaching that of real cable TV. But some perks of Google’s over-the-top service make it a good bet. It is easy to access and requires no additional hardware. Not to forget, it also has a much better interface than the cable box. 

Conclusion on youtube tv price increase

The people who are using the premium versions of youtube are feeling tense. That’s why we are here to assist you in giving information on youtube tv price increase. If you need any asks, let us know via email or comment below the post.


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