Easy Lemonade Recipe for Kids- Let’s Spice Up Summer  

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Easy lemonade recipe for kids

Everyone wants to make their efforts to please the kids.  A fantastic way to serve them cool drinks in the summer season. When the scorching rays of the sun are at their peak, it is a great option to serve the little ones with a glass of lemonade. It will not only quench their thirst but also make them feel superb. They will forget all the tiredness and heat. All they will love is to sit and drink it with the family. So, are you ready to please your kids with the much-awaited lemonade recipe this summer? If yes, go through this post as we have brought an easy lemonade recipe for tiny tots to entertain them and make their day special. So, let’s begin.

Ingredients to Make Easy Lemonade Recipe for the Kids

Making this drink is a very easy process. You just need only a few ingredients and with the help of these ingredients, you can make lemon squash very easily.

1) 6 to 8 large ripe lemons

2) Take one cup of granulated sugar

3) 5 cups of hot water

4) Ice-cubes

4) Lemon slices and mint leaves for garnishing purposes

Steps to Prepare Easy Lemonade Recipe

Within just a few steps you can prepare your drink. But you won’t realize that preparing this wonderful drink with your kiddos in your home kitchen can become their favorite treat. After all, it is an opportunity to involve them in your kitchen and let them realize the cuteness of preparing such a cool drink. Let’s take a look at the recipe.

1) Pick the Lemons to Wash

Lemonade recipe

Before we start beginning the process, we must wash the lemons beforehand. You can ask your toddlers to let them wash for you. You will also love watching them roll these lemons on the kitchen slab and then wash these lemons gently. For the wonderful results, ask the munchkins to wash these lemons two to three times.

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2) Squeeze their juice


To make an easy lemonade recipe for kids, the first step is to squeeze the juice of these lemons. First of all, roll them on a hard surface so that you can squeeze the maximum juice from these lemons. Then, cut them in half pieces to take out juice from them. Take a glass so that you can hold the released juice in it. You can use a sieve to separate the juice from the lemon pulp.

3) Prepare a Base for Lemonade

Take a saucepan and put 1 cup water in it and then simultaneously add granulated sugar to it. The quantity of the sugar should also be equal. If you have taken hot water then sugar will mix in water. If you have taken normal or cold water, heat it on a medium flame for adequate results. Preparing the base is the most important step for Easy Lemonade Recipe for Kids.

4) Combine the Ingredients

Now, you must mix the sugar syrup in lemon juice. For this, take a large pitcher and squeeze the juice of 5 lemons in it. Ensure to separate the juice and the pulp. Combine the juice with sugar syrup and 5 cups of water. Add hot water and avoid the use of cold water. At the time of combining no residues or granules should be left. Perform this step very carefully.

5) Taste the Lemonade 

Now, it is time to taste the lemonade so that you can make adjustments if needed. You can taste it yourself, or take the help of your lovely little buds. You can adjust the sweetness according to the taste of your kids. On the contrary, if you find the  easy lemonade recipe for kids  extra sweet, you can adjust the sweetness by adding water to it.

6) Keep the Drink in Refrigerator

Chill the lemonade


You must keep the drink in the refrigerator to cool it. Once it is chilled, add some mint leaves and half-cut small lemon slices to garnish it. Once again taste it, and if you find everything perfect, you can serve an easy lemonade recipe to your kids.

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Serving Suggestions for Lemonade Recipe

The art of making lemonade is one thing and serving this royal and cool drink to your little ones is another. So, to add to your happiness, you can try these serving suggestions. This will make your drink look appealing. The kids will demand it more making you a star of the kitchen. Be ready to serve smartly easy lemonade recipe for kids with us?

1) Ensure to Chill the Glasses

 Keep Lemonade in Refrigerator for chilling

Before putting the drink into the glasses, ensure to chill these glasses. Do this for a short while only, it will give a different drinking experience to your kids as they will feel the coolness not only while drinking but also when holding glasses. After all, it is summer, and we should make them feel great.

2) Colorful straws

Colourful straws

When you are serving the lemonade to the little ones, you must show some hidden creativity and learn to experiment with colors. Using colorful straws can help you in this endeavor. Kids will love the fun when drinking lemonade with these appealing straws.

3) Experiment with Garnishing

Easy lemonade recipe for kids

You can make the drinking experience of the kids great by adding some garnishing fruits to it.  Ensure to use little You can use strawberries, watermelon slices, blueberries, cherries, small mango slices, watermelon slices, and lime wedges. This is a slightly different way to enhance the taste of this easy lemonade recipe for kids.

4) Serve it with snacks

Serve drink with snacks

Serving lemon squash will make the munchkins happy but adding light snacks to the menu will make them super happy. You can ensure to have some snacks like popcorn, finger chips, or even a light small, and healthy sandwich for your kids. Serving this way will leave your munchkins tickled pink.


With these ingredients, preparation tips, and serving suggestions preparing easy lemonade for kids will become a cakewalk. Follow all these steps to get the desired results. Don’t skip any basic steps like washing lemons or using a little hot water as these are crucial for good start of the recipe.  Avoid boiling water while making this delicious drink. We can assure you that your little ones will have extreme fun while drinking this delicious lemonade. After All your kids should have all the fun and you should be able to see that broad smile of gratification on their face.