Things to do in Genting Highlands-Pick Precious Memories

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Things to do in Genting Highlands


Are you wondering where to rush this year for an exotic vacation? Let us unravel this mystery for you. If you want to opt for a leisurely vacation while enjoying the mesmerizing beauty of a place, Malaysia must be your go-to destination for this year. Have a keen desire to plan your trip to Malaysia, we bet you will love to visit Genting as well. Not sound familiar with what we are talking about? Genting Highlands is one of the most popular resort spots and a hill station to enjoy a refreshing holiday. Once you arrive here, you will love the breathtaking holiday and the best adventure trip at this go-to destination. Excited! We have covered things to do in Genting Highlands.


8 Exciting things to do in Genting Highlands that You Can’t-Miss


1) Genting Skyway

Genting Skyway


When planning a tour to Malaysia, the most exciting thing is to cover Genting Skyway. Spanning across 3.38 km is on the bucket list of every exciting traveler you can’t even think of escaping Genting Highlands as a part of their exotic trip to Malaysia. Genting Skyway will give you a breathtaking view of Gohtang Jaya Station to Highland Station at the peak. Excited to cover Genting Skyway, we will double your excitement by unfolding a great secret. You will feel mesmerized to get a historic 130 million-year-old rainforest on the way to Genting Skyway. It is something you can’t think of even letting off from your dreams. Visiting this will make your dreams become a reality. Visiting Genting Skyway is one of the top things to do in Genting Highlands.

2) Chin Swee Caves Temple

Things to do in Genting Highlands


Do you plan to visit Genting Highlands in Malaysia and cannot envision all the exciting things to cover? We have planned the most exciting yet holy things to cover in Genting Highlands for you. Chin Swee Caves temple is one of the most revered temples in Malaysia. It is situated on a sharp rocky slope of this popular resort spot. Visiting this grand religious site will offer you one of its one-of-a-kind experiences. This is a must-visit temple if you want to enjoy a mesmerizing and panoramic view of Genting Highlands.

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On an exciting religious journey, if you love the breathtaking view of hilly slopes and mountains, visiting this temple should be your choice. When planning this trip for yourself, or with your entire family, don’t miss out on this temple as it will reinforce your beliefs in Chin Swee believes.

3) Enjoy an Outdoor Theme Park

Outdoor theme park


Want to steal enjoyable moments with family that you can cherish lifelong? What can be more exciting than visiting Genting Highlands in Malaysia? What is more exciting is to plan a visit to the Outdoor theme park at the Genting Highlands. If you are visiting Genting Highlands with the kids, enjoying this outdoor theme park will fill you with an aura of refreshing views. Enjoying water park views with several water rides will leave you perplexed. Kids will have enjoyable fun and you will also love to click their selfies when they feel super entertained. These water rides will be a part of adventurous spots for the kids. This is going to be an exciting experience for your munchkins. So, don’t forget to update your list with this when planning to update things to do in Genting Highlands.

4) Don’t miss Nightlife at Cloud 9

Things to do in Genting Highlands


Are you a connoisseur of Nightlife and rave parties? If yes, don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity to check out the nightlife at Cloud 9. You will fall in love with amazing rave parties at this amazing place. Once you land at this amazing nightclub, you will enjoy its great lights, exciting ambiance, and stunning music. When entering this nightclub, you will love every bit of this place and your excitement will be skyrocketing.

The soft music, dim lights, and amazing ambiance will make the best of your night. Therefore, whenever planning the list of the top things to do in Genting Highlands, don’t leave behind the nightlife at Cloud 9.

5) Visit Penang Food Village to Enjoy Delectable Cuisine

Things to do in Genting Highlands


If food is the only thing that keeps you going, you can’t miss visiting Penang Food Village. Here you will enjoy world-class food. You can’t resist the temptation of this food when visiting Genting Highlands. It will give you one of its one-of-a-kind experiences that you will relish throughout life. You will love the signature dishes of this amazing place. If you want to satisfy your hunger pangs, nothing can be the best choice than visiting Penang food village in Genting Highlands, Malaysia. If your tastes match foodies, include this place in the best things to do in Genting Highlands.

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6) Don’t Miss Haunted Adventure

Haunted Adventure


Loving haunted places sometimes keeps us in a great mood. If you are visiting Genting Highlands, including visiting haunted Adventure. It is the best place where you will arouse a sense of excitement that you can’t leave ever. This haunted adventure is situated in First World Plaza and will fill your inner breath with deep excitement. It will happen as you venture into the dark rooms in this haunted place.

If haunted places keep you fresh, and going, be sure to visit this place of haunted adventure to make your life amazing. Check out this place to gather the crazy excitement.

7) Strawberry Leisure Farm

Things to do in Genting highlands


Are you still thinking what can be the best things to do in Genting Highlands? This amazing hill station leaves you mesmerized by the diverse options around. Whenever you pay a visit to Genting Highlands, visiting this strawberry leisure farm will give you a refreshing experience. If you are a nature lover and want to see the bounties of nature, visiting this place will fill you with an amazing aura. You can’t dare to miss this place as it will offer you a chance to leisurely stroll around at such an amazing place. Visiting this farm gives you an awesome chance to pick strawberries and enjoy their superb taste.

8) Plan Hiking

Hiking, things to do in Genting highlands

When you pay a visit to Genting Highlands, don’t miss out on hiking. It will give your life an adventurous experience that you will never forget. Just plan out this hiking as a part and parcel of your Genting Highlands visit and we promise you will never repent doing a hiking. There is an adjoining rainforest where you can easily plan out the hiking.


We hope that you will enjoy doing these activities when visiting Genting Highlands. This place will shower your love upon you and will offer you an exuberance of amazing experiences depending on your taste. Plan out everything in advance as it will offer you a great experience to cherish forever. These top things to do in Genting Highlands will keep your life exciting.